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Real men wear fur. Tuurlijk lekker warm, grtjs Wijn xxx.......... Thank you for pin This again. Look also on Wijnand GambiaNeedsHelp on FB


CWMALLS® Albuquerque Black Shearling Fur Coat CW851285 - Black shearling fur coat with mink fur collar for men, the leather trims and leather waist belt add more fashion and elegance to the coat, the polyester lining makes it more comfy to wear, let this wonderful fur coat accompany you to spend this chilly winter!


How sick and disgusting. I wonder how many beautiful creatures were tortured to death and skinned alive to create this desensitized man's coat People this is NOT attractive!!!!


Yowzners, I love the gloves. I kinda love the coat at first glance. But I saw a man wearing a fur coat the other day, and I was thinking all like, 'do you know how ridiculous you look?' I'm not sure if I could pull off a fur coat in a not-flaming-gay way.