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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Number Bonds Addition Strategy - Add with Regrouping

Learn Addition with Regrouping using Number Bonds Concept. Master Near-10 and Near-100 strategies help children to do fast mental calculation.

I'm really liking this app: MATHADOR: 3 math games in one app. Three games to make you an addict to mental calculation!


Mental Math, Grade 6: Strategies and Process Skills to Develop Mental Calculation, Level 5 (Singapore Math)/


The meaning of multiplication. Mental calculation -- A complete course in arithmetic


Kids Math Grids - Decimals A great app for 7 - 12 year old kids to practice the basic math skills of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with decimal numbers and help them improve their mental calculation accuracy and speed. The questions are presented in a grid format (5X5 cells) with unlimited number of combinations and multiple levels The app uses a randomly generated sequence to pick the cells to answer allowing the kids to find it engaging and interesting. Timer 2MB

Abacus Adventure 1 • Full tutorial of how to use abacus. • Using the abacus method mentally, train up mental calculation in more systematic and faster way. You will be able to handle more complicated calculation in the future. • 55 stages in this game, including all the training and tutorials. 15MB


52 ten frame subitizing cards.I enlarged mine to A3 and use as flashcards during mat session and activity time.Great tool to help with subitizing and mental calculation skills in maths

from Math Geek Mama

Mental Math Challenges {FREE}

FREE Mental Math Challenges for all ages! Help your kids strengthen their mental math skills with these fun races! Includes 3 levels, plus a blank copy to create your own!


Mental Math! The classic with over a million downloads returns in a brand new version. Boost your gray matter now! Here's a quick check: What's 7 × (4 + 9)? Needed more than five seconds? This can be better! With Mental Math you can playfully improve your mental calculation skills through various exercises. Image puzzles are an incentive to carry on practicing.


Instant Mental Calculation of Square Roots