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Electric Shocker produces 80kv high voltage causes sudden mental confusion to the assailant.

It feels like brainwashing... how could a smart woman fall for such lies and such dishonesty... how????

Please pray for Chris and his spirit to be quietened. - Please pray for Chris and his spirit to be quietened. No more mental confusion. Please pray for peace and sleep restoration, and improved relationships. Thank you. May God bless you. Amen. Posted at: #pray #prayer #request #prayerrequest

Real security will replace the physical ache and mental confusion that we have experienced in the past.


My name is Darla, and I am NEUROTIC. Neurosis can involve anxiety, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of self-worth, phobic avoidance, vigilance, impulsive and compulsive acts, lethargy, disturbing thoughts, repetition of thoughts and obsession, habitual fantasizing, negativity and cynicism, dependency, aggressiveness, perfectionism, schizoid isolation, and socio-culturally inappropriate behaviors, etc. I struggle with all of these things on a regular…


Problem: Colds (upper-respiratory ailments) Probable Cause: Too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder. Small hurts. I get three colds every winter, type of belief. New Thought Pattern: I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and around me. All is well.


When Mental Illness is Hereditary As a child I remember my mom constantly saying “my nerves are bad.” I didn’t know that my nerves were bad, along with the little pills she took, and her alcoholism, were personal attempts to alleviate the anxiety and depression she felt. Back then it wasn’t talked about. Children were seen and not heard, and that was just how it was. It was very confusing as a child. I didn’t understand why my mom was not happy and why her “nerves were bad.” ..

Identity is not only about how individuals see themselves but also about how others see them. Identity formation is an important part of the socialization process. It is significant because establishing identity and learning about the identities of others is how we determine who we will develop relationships with (Browne, 2008). Gender and sexual identity are two facets of identity development that cannot only cause confusion but also have long-term consequences on an individual’s mental…