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Mercury is direct. Time to stop being an asshole and blaming it on miscommunication. Thank you, the Universe. #qotd #mercuryretrograde

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What the Hell Is &qout;Mercury In Retrograde&qout; and How Do You Survive?

Be patient with yourself. Mercury is in RX this month, so things aren't going to work out smoothly. This is a great time of inward reflection and planning. Once it goes direct, then you can take action!


Woo-hoo! Mercury is out of retrograde! Are you excited as we are?


▶ Twin Flames or Soul Mates is yours a karmic relationship? - YouTube

Sandra Helton: Fall Equinox 2016, Mercury Direct, Venus in Scorpi...

Mercury is direct! Time to stop being an asshole and blaming it on miscommunication. <3


We are always learning but once you enter the point of learning through awakening, everything falls into place with this unbelievable beautiful clarity for the world. How everything we do, say and feel has a purpose or meaning towards our personal growth. Everything exists in an infinite intricate design of balance, interweaving into the next on this cosmic rollercoaster called life. It bounces into infinity where each person impacts another through the collective stream

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Mercury Direct: A second beginning to the new year

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Mercury Direct & New Moon: How to Unleash your inner FIRE!

New Moon - Mercury Direct