Mercy damage boost

It true! As a Mercy main I can confirm this. A Genji kept on saying hi to me and doing emotes with me, I damage boosted him whenever I could and made sure he was always healed. Lol
[Game Mechanics] Orisa Ult and Mercy Damage Boost - Overwatch
Mercy's damage boost works on almost everything as long as the boost is applied when the target RECEIVES the damage : Overwatch
An in game line when you damage boost Reaper as Mercy.
MRW I'm playing Overwatch as Mercy and I give Mcree a damage boost for Play of the Game.
Team Misfits wins first Overwatch Open plus recap   The Overwatch Open Tournament which was a partnership between television giant Turners ELEAGUE and e Sports organizer FACEIT recently concluded with EU representors Team Misfits winning the Overwatch Open over NA competitor team EnVyUs. Misfits will claim the largest share ($100000) of the $30000 prize pool. Also the team will be the trailblazers of the Overwatch open being the first team to win the championship.  Below is Nerd Reactors…
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Image of 'Damaged Goods' embroidered patch
Improbable Victory by Tim Fisher.  1st June 1940 - Pete Peters fights off an overwhelming attack over Dunkirk and destroys three fighters. Anson MKV flown by pilot officer Phillip Peters was leading a patrol of three Ansons of No.500 Royal Auxiliary Air Force Squadron over Dunkirk at the time the British Expeditionary Force was evacuating from the beaches. He was flying at around 50ft when his mid upper gunner reported that nine Bf109s were attacking. Dropping to wave-top height the slow…