"No one is talking about the biggest plot twist of the entire series though. guys. Merlin actually went to the tavern."

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Merlin & Arthur. I can't be the only one who has always thought that Arthur just looked really attractive in this scene. xP

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Here you go, Katie, this is for you...actually, you know what...I may keep this...

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Thank you, fandoms. Narnia (not really...), LOTR (yay!), Harry Potter (yay!), Avengers (yay!), Hunger Games (yay!), Merlin (yay!), Doctor Who (yay!), Sherlock (yay!), The Hobbit (yay!) and Supernatural (yay!)

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Let's see... there's Merlin. And Gaius. And good ole Leon who can't ever die. Yep, not a long list.

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Yeah that's cool. But can we talk about how Mordred was like 8 when we first met him and by the end of season 5 he's like 20? :P

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