I seriously just started watching this show and it's like a good book. I cant put it down (:

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Magazine centrefold showing different versions of the Spitfire painted in the markings of various squadrons and air forces. Profiles of this type provide invaluable reference for researchers and aircraft modellers. Designed by Reginald Mitchell and powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the Spitfire was integral to Britain's front-line air defence during World War II, and together with the Hawker Hurricane fighter played a key role in the Battle of Britain of 1940

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One of Morgana's favorite tv shows - Merlin (and not just bc she's named after Morgana Le Fay )

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Merlin is making that face because he just realized that this is the Arthur face from all those "Oblivious Arthur" memes.

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amphigoury - I love how this one turned out. I managed achieve the goal of doing a comic format, but keep good quality. Success! The 'story' comes from an old TV show called "Due South" - episode 3 'Manhunt'.

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Arthur… the last of the four Pendragons to die. Unless you count Gwen since she married him. But he's the last blood Pendragon. I've always found it funny how his last name had Dragon in it since magic and dragons were outlawed

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To Build A Home | Merlin [Show Tribute] One of the best Merlin Videos of all time.

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Gaius continually shitting Merlin up with an overload of sass. //| Okokok don't hate me, I loved gaius' character, he was great, but I feel like his character was victimed with bad acting......... Just my opinion, my friend thinks his actor is great so I know that not everyone shares my opinion.

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Arthur: "You can't hide anything from me, Merlin." Merlin chuckles. This is basically the whole show

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BBC | I've never met anyone who wasn't important before. | You do count. | We all Matter | Doctor Who | BBC Sherlock | BBC Merlin

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