A bottle of Merlot and Al Green; what could be better. Learn more about the types of red wine at http://hangingwinerackonline.com/types-of-red-wine/ http://www.squidoo.com/reading-wine-bottle-labels

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Washington State is recognized for their wonderful Merlots and this one is not the exception, if you like Merlot you will love this one, Red Diamond Merlot. The best part is that is very affordable, I just saw it in Target at $9.99

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California Merlot Wine .. This is one of my most FAVORITE WINES! Around $12.. Must always have a bottle or two on hand.. In fact I'm having a glass of this rt now

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Merlot! Forgot how much I loved it until I got home and my AMAZING husband had a glass waiting for me! I love him so incredibly much! (That's not just the wine talking, lol)

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Seven Hills Merlot with creme brulee ~ A spicy wine with aromas of cinnamon and ginger and flavors of crème brûlée accenting the blackcurrant and black plum fruit. Balanced but oaky. 87pts

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