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Finding seashells along coasts and in the ocean is a hobby that many maritime folks enjoy. Maybe you like finding them and then leaving them where you found them. Maybe you’ve saved a few unique ones over the years and now they lie somewhere in your home. Or maybe you collect them and then Read More

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A new take on sirens of old. If you loved twilight you will like my series. If you hated twilight you will still like my series for different reasons.

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Mermaid. Exactly what you think they are: People with fish tails from the waist down who prefer to live underwater.

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Sandy Shores Mermaid Tiara

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How to Make Ombre Mermaid Soap

Mermaid Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial

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Ariel Glow in the Dark Mermaid Necklace, Ariel Costume, Glowing Sea Shell Necklace, Mako Glow Seashell, Little Mermaid Cosplay, Mermaid AQUA

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