If the metal button falls off your jeans, don't despair. The fix is quick, easy and one that you can do yourself.
Smashing Button Jewelry ... http://christinemariedavis.com/Jewelry/ButtonJewelry/SmashedButtons.html
Another use for all those metal buttons.. very pretty!
Beautiful Lot 114 Vintage Antique Rhinestone Metal Buttons | eBay
Old French Metal Button Art Nouveau Flying Bat Design
Brown | Buraun | Braun | Marrone | Brun | Marrón | Bruin | ブラウン | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Buttons
Old French Metal Button Pretty Tabby Cat w/ Fancy Pierced Border 1  3/4"   SOLD $62.99
Vintage metal buttons get SMASHED with a hammer and are transformed into "antique coins". Absolutely perfect for charm bracelets!
Antique Vintage Metal Buttons Victorian Jeweled Brass Gay 90 Rhinestone Insect | eBay
Create inexpensive and lightweight DIY "coin" jewelry by repurposing and upcycling vintage metal buttons! When flattened, they look exactly like old coins...Pieces of Eight... Doubloons...etc. Fun repurpose project with lovely results- make bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and more! #SadieSeasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com
OOAK Vintage Multimetal Button Bracelet by joyceshafer on Etsy, $28.50
3 Antique enamel metal buttons brass victorian cut steel cloisonne champleve. OMG I LOOOVE THESE!!!
Victorian era small, intricate antique metal buttons.
Old French Metal Button Nouveau Cat  Floral Design French metal button. Fabulously detailed image in the Art Nouveau style of a long hair cat.   Very good condition.  Measures 1  5/8 inch.  SOLD $151.49