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16" x 20" Combo Metal Lathe Mill Drill | BT500 | not as expensive as i thought it would be.


Pens for Sale!

Pens for Sale! | bizzyboyzcreations Gun Metal Bolt Action, Tung Oil Finish going for $50 #pens #woodworking #lathe #custompens #custom

$23.00 (Buy here: ) MDJNR/L2525M11 Turning tools CNC lathe tool lathe cutting tools wood lathe for sale metal lathe tools lathe tool holder for just $23.00

Portable welding positioner for a tight budget - Welding positioners are great tools and anyone on a tight budget in need of speeding up the the weld time of circular objects will benefit from any of the welding positioners available from Tokentools. It is important to consider the welding speed required of any object placed onto the positioner. This is easily calculated by using pi or 22/7. Take a measurement across the diameter of the object and multiply it by 3.14 The R


Titanium and 10k gold band ring. Cast in place 10k gold channel and twisted 10k gold wire rims, titanium was cut using a metal lathe. For sale!