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from Maneuvering the Middle

Using a Word Wall in the Middle School Classroom

Word walls can provide scaffolding, visual reminders, & increase academic vocabulary! Ideas for setting up & using your word wall in a middle school class. | via @maneveringthem

from Erintegration

Play Google Scoot to integrate technology, movement, & learning

How to use Google Slides to play Scoot! Students move from computer to computer completing tasks on each computer as they go. Technology integration & movement! Plus icebreaker games for back to school.


The Harmful Effects of Inhalants Poster is intended to show and explain the harmful side effects inhalants have on the human body. It uses detailed anatomical imagery to show the damage that can be done to vital organs. This poster is a great addition to any education or health related facility.

from Erintegration

Bottle tossing and flipping in the classroom

Bottle tossing and flipping is trending huge with kids, preteens, and teens. Learn how to take an annoying game and make it educational & engaging with a FREE review game template that can be used with ANY task cards and a STEM Project Based Learning activity.

from Classroom Tested Resources

Using Graph Paper as a Math Accommodation

Bright Idea: Using Graph Paper as a Math Accommodation. That's what this pin originally said. My opinion: graph paper should be standard, and not an accommodation. But, what do I know. A grid qualifies as an accommodation in today's schools i guess!!