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E. coli on EMB media - E. coli will take up the eosin and methylene blue dyes in the media, resulting in a metallic green-black color.


Escherichia coli on Eosin-Methylene-Blue (EMB) agar (+) Greenish metallic sheen Note: Citrobacter freundii also gives a greenish metallic sheen To differentiate, Biochemical testing E. coli gives a negative result for Citrate test (green)

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Onion and Cheek Cell Lab Experiment - Organelles

In this Lab students will be able to observe the following organelles: Nucleus, cell wall, cytoplasm, and the nucleolus within the cells of an onion and a cheek. Iodine and methylene blue are required for this experiment and are common in any schools science lab department.


Eosin methylene blue (EMB) is a selective stain for Gram-negative bacteria. It is a blend of two stains, eosin and methylene blue in the ratio of 6:1The morphology of Proteus vulgaris and C.coli on EMB agar.


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