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Takoba does mezcal

Cantina El Milamores - For a cantina scene where there's no ambiguity about who shoots first, check out Cantina El Milamores: the back bar of Takoba, now hosting a mezcal-focused cocktail program designed by the dude who opened the Grackle, and a giant, somber mural of a 1930s Mexican actor done by Federico, most well-known for the musician stencils at the Drag's iconic Qdoba.



Mexout - the mex'perts / Contributed by Carisia Chew of Singapore-based Bravo Company / Being anti-establishment, Mexout doesn’t adopt the proper brand logo. Every time you see the name it appears differently. We came up with about 20 hand-drawn logos for the restaurant to use in rotation / logo / identity / branding / mexican / restaurant / design


Bandidos, A Sleek Mexican Cantina in the Castro


A corner of Singapore is going Super Loco for the fast food of rustic old Mexico diners...

A corner of Singapore is going Super Loco​ for the fast food of rustic old Mexico diners…


While this Mexican restaurant's dining room feels rustic and aged, in truth it was created new in just 90 days. The authentic and homey environment is derived from keen attention to detail, such as the traditional wood whisks hanging from the ceiling. Adding old to new, existing tables in the prior restaurant space were repurposed, cut up and reformed into both intimate and communal tables.