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Amazing Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo. The sheer talent and hardwork and dedication that was put into this piece leaves me in awe.


THE LOUVE, TO SEE MONA LISA IN PARIS - this Michael Angelo painting is So much smaller than I imagined it would be - Cheryl Herweg

Il Mosè di Michelangelo, databile al 1513-1515 circa, ritoccata nel 1542, e conservata nella basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli a Roma


Makeup is about seeing the beauty that already exists, it's not a way to hide your flaws. See the beauty in yourself


Michelangelo discovery: profile of artist

Michelangelo discovery: profile of artist: Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo


'Pietà', St Peters, Rome. 1499–1500. (s) Michelangelo Buonarroti - what a contrast to the Bacchus, the god with the all too human defects! The Rome Pieta is an emotionally charged incarnation of a mother cradling her lifeless son. It is an almost universally loved portrayal of the Virgin and Christ.


Rembrandt Peale (American painter, 1778-1860) Rosalba Peale 1820 Rembrandt & his wife Eleanor May Short had 9 children: Rosalba, Eleanor, Sarah Miriam, Michael Angelo, & Emma Clara among them. He taught his children to paint, just as his father taught him. And he painted their portraits.