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Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is cutting a mean rug with his zombie friends in this still-shot from the "Thriller" music video

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MICHAEL JACKSON / THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL (1987) -- Check out the "I ♥♥♥ the 80s!! (part 2)" YouTube Playlist --> http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4BAE4D6DE43F0951 #80s #1980s

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Michael Jackson - Thriller OH.MY.GOSH. when I first heard this song and album I was blown away. I LOVED the creativity and melodies! Still to this day I do the dance when this song comes on.. I have passed on this knowledge to my children.. who can kick some butt on Wii Michael Jackson dance experience... son!

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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal was probably the biggest inspiration for me artistically. From the mixing, hook, dancing, and the wardrobes used. MJ has been always my favorite artist of all time. This song is my favorite MJ song!

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Michael Jackson - Remember The Time. One of Michael Jackson's more interesting videos. Even had Eddie Murphy and I believe Iman in it. Egyptian themed. I love the way Eddie Murphy gives the evil eye to the queen for just a moment.

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