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Barack Obama makes Michael Jordan well up after joking he's 'more than just an internet meme' #barack #obama #makes #michael #jordan #after…

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Michael Jordan nearly duped by kid with shoe-shaming meme

In which a kid tries to roast Michael Jordan using an Internet meme -- but His Airness has the perfect comeback.

Obama: Michael Jordan is more than just a meme -

Can sharing the Crying Michael Jordan meme get you sued?... #MichaelJordan: Can sharing the Crying Michael Jordan meme get… #MichaelJordan

The Very Best Michael Jordan Crying Memes Michael Jordan is the GOAT. He’s the GOAT basketball player, athlete, jeans-wearer and CEO. But he’s also the GOAT of crying memes. People are using his Hall Of Fame speech tears and putting his head on various people’s bodies. And it’s pure comedy.