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Short and simple language. WW1, story of heartache and sacrifice. YA that wrestles with some of the harder situations in life: loving someone else's girl, death, & guilt


Shadow - Michael Morpurgo Author of War Horse, and bestselling storyteller Michael Morpurgo touched our hearts with this beautiful story of a boy, his lost dog, and the lengths he would go to be reunited.


Moving story based on true events about a family on the move after the bombing of Dresden in WWII. The mother worked at a zoo and she has brought home an elephant to care for and the elephant also makes the journey with the family in the winter to seek survival.

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Since he was a young colt, Joey has been loved and cared for by Alber, a young English farm boy. At the beginning of Wold War I, Albert's father sells Joey to a captain in the cavalry. The boy is devastated and promises Joey that someday he will find him. Joey experiences army life and the disastrous consequences of a cavalry charge into machine guns. He is captured as a prisoner of war and becomes a hospital cart transport horse for the German army.


We listened to the audio version of this while on numerous car journeys. At first I thought it slow to start but having just finished it I realise now that Morpurgo, storyteller extraordinaire, was just toying with us as a fisherman toys with a fish until pulling it in, hook line and sinker. Even the 16 year old in the car requested we stopped listening until he was back with us and able to listen too.


An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo