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Amazing Multi-Layered Sculptures

Layered Sculpture. I like the idea of layering. As you have to put each layer in order by from the sides it becomes disorder.

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Face off: The extraordinary 3D sculptures of people's heads made from recycled goods

Different perspective: This portrait of Stephanie Tubbs Jones is viewed from an angle so the different layers can be seen

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1200 Black Ping Pong Balls Form a Deadly Assault Rifle

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Only when you stand in just the right location do the portraits of Michael Murphy pop into view. His highly detailed works are created using a large array of media, using multiple layers that only align from one viewpoint. The resulting images are so seamless, they almost seem to be created with Photoshop. See more of his work at

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In honor of Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy SEAL, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his brave actions during Operation "Red Wing". We also do this workout in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend in which we remember ALL of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation.

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