With a bit of Vaseline on the lens, Jerry, 58 , could've almost passed off as her 22-year-old daughter's sister, elegantly glamorous with a golden mop of peroxide hair, scarlet lips and black ensemble

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Marsha Hunt and Mick Jagger’s first child, daughter Krais. Marsha Hunt toured as back-up singer with The Rolling Stones (‘Gimme Shelter’).

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Jerry and Mick in Mustique with their two older children Elizabeth and James.

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Mick Jaggers children photo gallery | ... louche. Why Mick Jagger is tearing his hair out over Rubberlips Junior

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Like father, like daughter: Marsha Hunt in the late 90's with daughter Karis, fathered by Mick during their three-year love affair - Ten love letters Mick Jagger sent to his girlfriend that inspired the hit "Brown Sugar."

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