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On my flight to Greece with easyJet it was also OK! However it took me a while to fasten my seatbelt... was nearly to big (Size 54) *** Nach Griechenland was der Flug mit easyJet auch OK! Obwohl es mich ein bisschen Zeit kostete mich anzuschnallen... war knapp (Grüße 54)

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Hacker's Tiny Spy Computer Cracks Corporate Networks, Fits In An Altoid Tin

Hacker's Tiny Spy Computer Cracks Corporate Networks: In its smallest version, Kevin Bong's "Mini Pwner" spy router can fit inside an Altoids tin. The next time an unexpected “repairman” cruises past your company’s security desk, you might want to check inside his tin of mints or pack of cigarettes. Especially if he’s also carrying an ethernet cable.

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So to add more security. I made ALL folders secret so only we can see them except FOOD KINDA. Now we know its not easy to know there is a new pin/message. Lets just always add a random or meaningful) food item after each round of secret pins so that the other will know there is something there to find. Please move this pin into a secret folder after reading it! Safety first!! :)

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2014 newhot micro-computer adult male full body massager( LY-630)

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Jukebox Any Non-Geek Can Use

It's possible to access your computer’s music library from your stereo, but most require a bit of technical know-how to actually use. Anyone can use this, even if they don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is.

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$15.11 (Buy here: ) 110V Micro Computer LCD Timer Switch Time Controller for just $15.11

SPT Micro-Computer Radiant Cooktop SPT Micro-Computer Radiant Cooktop Portable radiant cook top gives you convenience, durability and elegance. Radiant heat technology offers rapid heating with 8 power settings and is suitable with any type of cookware. Glass ceramic plate and and touch-sensitive control panel adds beauty to any kitchen and cooking environment.

SOLA MCR 63-23-250-C8 5000VA Mini/Micro Computer Regulator Power Conditioner 5 8 (PM1871-2)

SOLA MCR 63-23-250-C8 5000VA Mini/Micro Computer Regulator Power Conditioner 5 8. See more pictures details at

Gowe Micro Computer CNC Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine * You can find more details by visiting the image link.

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