I knew the ivory soap in the microwave trick... but I didn't know you could then use it to make cute little soaps.

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Make these fluffy, puffy, colorful rainbow clouds with just two common ingredients for some art, sensory, and science fun in one amazing activity!

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This is by far the coolest trick I've seen in a long time. Using Ivory brand soap, only, you can blow it up. Kids love it and WANT to wash their hands with it. I've seen it!

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Fun science project for kids: You may recall that Ivory soap floats in water. The reason for that is that unlike other soap, it has a a bunch of air whipped into it. This is important because when you microwave it, all those tiny air bubbles expand and make your soap look like this. (More on click through.)

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craziest at-home experiment WE ever did: microwaved Ivory soap and made our own soap molds. . . have you tried it?!

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