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29 Of The BEST Crafts & Activities For Kids (Parents love these, too!)

Soap Clouds... The most fun you'll ever have with your microwave! -- 29 of the MOST creative crafts and activities for kids!


Color Mixing with Microwaved Soap Clouds

Have ya'll ever put Ivory Soap in the Microwave? If not this is something that you have to do with your kids! What happens is absolutely amazing! Putting soap in the microwave for various activities is currently one of my kids favorite past time activities.


Recipe: Lemon Zest Soap

This is another SUPER easy DIY soap recipe. Why so easy? It’s made in the microwave! Yippee! Just melt-stir-melt-stir-melt-stir-pour-cool-done. That’s it. So easy a kid could do it (with adult supervision, of course). I absolutely love this soap. The Lemon Sugar fragrance is so delicious you’ll be tempted to nibble the end of it (but please don’t. Unfortunately, it won’t taste as yummy as it smells…). The lemon zest mixed throughout the white base leaves the finished product oh so beautiful…


How to Magically Remove Soap Scum with No Scrubbing Required

Magic (No-Scrub) Soap Scum Remover   Here’s what you need: One cup of vinegar.One cup of Dawn.One spray bottle.Glass measuring cups. Let sit 10 minutes, then rinse.


Soap Slime Recipe Ivory Soap Experiment Microwave

Our soap slime is really two experiments in one, and the kids will love it. The exploding ivory soap in the microwave is a classic science experiment. I admit the adults think it is pretty cool too.