Portrait of a middle-aged woman with age spots: (Step by step tutorial on how to get rid of age spots on face.)

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"Model Wookie Mayer turns sixty this fall. Aside from her obvious good genes and bone structure, I think a lot of her beauty comes from her natural style – unfussy hair, toned body, minimal makeup. I’m taking note of the less is more approach…let skin show through a lightly bronzed face, add color to lips, keep eyes bright and natural. A few wrinkles actually look appropriate and add to her appeal."

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"Ageing Isn't Something to Be Feared, It Is a Privilege" YOUTH LAB. Ageing Erasure products target to restore and preserve skin youthfulness through advanced formulas that enhance and activate biological functions.

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Hairstyles For Middle Aged Women : Simple Hairstyle Ideas For Women and Man

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Search - Getty Images UK: 50 year old woman portrait Eyes- This woman has round eyes just like me! They have aged well (I hope mine do!)

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Love how she let herself be photographed up close, un-photoshopped, strong lighting, revealing all her precious lines of experience for all to see.

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A friend of ours is turning 50 this year and she's not looking forward to it. So here's a look at some inspirational and stylish women who are over 50 which

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