Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas | 916 by the Sea | The USS Everett F. Larson. Now the ROKS Jeon Buk. This destroyer exists on the coast of the East Sea, unusually not in the water but displayed on land. Located next to the North Korean midget submarine just outside of Gangneung, South Korea.

USS Oklahoma (BB 37), showing extent of torpedo damage, after being righted. Evidence suggests possible mini submarine strike using larger Type 97 torpedoes (800lb TNT equiv. warhead), compared to the Type 91 aerial variety (450lb).

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A Japanese Ko-hyoteki class midget submarine, believed to be Midget No. 14, is raised from Sydney Harbour the day after the attack.

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Japanese Submarine Sinks Kuttabul In Sydney 1942 Untold Story - Raising Destroyed Midget Sub

World War II: Battle of Midway and the Aleutian Campaign

A heavily damaged midget submarine base constructed by occupying Japanese forces on Kiska Island, photo taken sometime in 1943, after Allied forces retook the island.

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