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Frogmen ready for combat mission with a (self-propelled) one-man-torpedo (midget submarine) against allied navy vessel

Sep 22 1943 X craft – midget submarine – attack on the Tirpitz - See more at: aerial reconnaissance photograph of Alten Fjord showing the German battleship TIRPITZ at her anchorage where the Tirpitz was attacked and...

Type 093 midget submarine March 19, 2015 by Beijing has revealed a version of the Type 093 midget submarine, known as the 093T, suggesting that more vessels in this class may be produced, reports news website Cankao Xiaoxi. The 093B midget submarine reportedly has a vertical launch system that can launch 16 missiles, including the supersonic anti-ship YJ-18 and the DH-10 cruise missile. Such a submarine can carry up to nine special ops members and is ideal for…


A Japanese Ko-hyoteki class midget submarine, believed to be Midget No. 14, is raised from Sydney Harbour the day after the attack.


World War II's X men, crews of the dangerous X class midget submarines -


Japanese Type A Midget Submarine - Kiska Alaska -


Soviet Midget Submarine Triton | English Russia | Page 6


Japanese Type A Ko-hyoteki midget submarine and transport Yamazuki Maru beached on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1 May 1944.


The “Seeteufel” or “Sea Devil”  was a tracked two-man amphibian midget submarine which solved all the vulnerability and technical problems associated with German midget submarines that had to be launched at sea - even midget submarines as small as the “Neger” (Negro) one-man piloted torpedo.

1 Abandoned Japanese Midget Submarine in America