It's Migraine Awareness Week!

Migraine Awareness Week is all about fighting the stigma and misconceptions related to migraines.

Chronic migraine sympathy. Always grateful when someone else understands they are not just headaches... #endmigraines

We've broken brains, broken brains, what's a girl to do? My broken brain, broken brain's, so thankful for you!

This is a really good illustration of how you feel with migraines.

Digital Art Works by Miles Johnston: Miles Johnston is a British Concept artist who creates beautiful digital artworks with a mixture of fantasy and surrealism.

The Four Stages of Migraine (Infographic)

The Four Stages of Migraine (Infographic)

Migraine Infographic - WholesomeOne Natural Holistic Health Therapies natural health tips, natural health remedies

I keep turning my back on you, here comes the mysterious storm blinding these eyes away from you. Please stay beside my heart and keep it warm. I don't know how much longer I can take this Lord. Don't let me fall from you! Oh Lord! what is happening to me! One minute I am okay and then the next I can hardly stand on my own. Take this poison out of me and save me Lord! I need you!

The feminine figures represented in the illustrations, paintings and drawings of Alexandra Levasseur reflect childhood memories and daily experiences in a dream-like space.

Migraine art

To me. this can be my anger. It can quickly manifest as RAGE! Freaky Photo Manipulations - Surreal Photography by Federico Bebber.

True story. Ha :(

not the case anymore since going vegan.I still feel 'pressure' & emotional 'lows' but the pain has decreased by !

Living with Migraines (Chronic Migraines). Living with chronic pain and invisible illnesses.

Get paid to cure your cluster headaches with this new study/trial! Living with Migraines (Chronic Migraines). Living with chronic pain and invisible illnesses.