Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd: She said that Michael Todd and Richard Burton were the loves of her life

Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd: She said that Michael Todd and Richard Burton…

We're not sure if we could be more jealous of Elizabeth Taylor and her fabulous jewels.

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Diamond earrings and necklace: ZsaZsa Bellagio: Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry - Gifts from husband Mike Todd,

From the Elizabeth Taylor collection sale:THE MIKE TODD DIAMOND TIARA  AN ANTIQUE DIAMOND TIARA  Designed as nine old mine-cut diamond scrolls with larger old mine-cut diamond terminals, spaced by old mine-cut diamond latticework motifs, mounted in platinum and gold, circa 1880

The Mike Todd Diamond Tiara. An Antique Diamond Tiara, circa 1880 Gift from Mike Todd, He presented her (Liz Taylor) with this antique diamond tiara, saying, “You are my queen.

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A Family, 1957 Liz Taylor and Mike Todd with their newborn, baby Liza photo by Toni Frissell. Pretty new baby family picture.

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Revisited: Elizabeth Taylor’s Eight Wedding Dresses

Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd married his death. They had one daughter Elizabeth Frances (Liza) Todd.

The Mike Todd Antique Diamond Ear Pendants. These were sold at auction in December 2011 for $374,500. Elizabeth Taylor

The Mike Todd Diamond Ear Pendants: Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with these earrings while visiting Paris with Mike Todd, but the original stones were paste. Mike Todd later surprised her by having them remade with diamonds.