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New book reveals Charlie Chaplin's obsession with young girls

Chaplin met 16-year-old child actress Mildred Harris at a party in 1918. By then he was 29 and one of Hollywood's richest actors


kittyinva: “ Kittyinva: 1919 from “Film Fun” - “Here is Mildred Harris. She looks a bit alarmed. Perhaps she is frightened by the publicity she has had since she married Charlie Chaplin.” From Silent Film Time Capsule, FB. ”


The Flapper: women free from all of the restrains of the past - they smoked, drank, danced, and played up their sexuality


Fool’s Paradise (Cecil B. DeMille, 1921), with Mildred Harris, Julia Faye, Conrad Nagel, Dorothy Dalton, Jacqueline Logan, Kamuela C. Searle, Baby Peggy & Theodore Kosloff.