Painter/model Miles McMillan smells like the beach, wants to become an astronaut and meditates twice a day. | Read more at H&M Life

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Image detail for -Miles McMillan – APM Model Management | All about Models

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((Mine disappeared)) Hello, I'm Zander and I'm 19 years old. I don't talk much because I listen. Fools who run there often end up dead. Anyway, my "special ability" is controlling plant life. Yes, I know, an amazing ability *sarcasm* but it is quite useful. Introduce yourself if you must.

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Jacob wakes up in the New York City Subway, dressed as a postal worker and with a copy of the novel The Stranger in his hands. After Jacob finds himself locked in the underground he tries to escape via the tracks, where he is nearly hit by a train. The film then shifts back and forth between Jacob's chaotic memories of Vietnam, as well as memories of his late son Gabe,

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Miles McMillan Channels Jim Morrison for British GQ image Miles McMillan British GQ 007

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