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Gettysburg. This is in the Gettysburg Military Cemetery where Lincoln made his speech. I've been there and it is incredible! This is a Memorial commemorating that speech.

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I've been to several Civil War battlefield sites, but I think I love Shiloh in southern Tennessee the most.

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Arlington House is a Greek-revival style mansion located in Arlington, Virginia, that was once the home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. During the Civil War in 1864 (upper picture), the military cemeteries of Washington and Alexandria were filled with Union dead, and Arlington was selected as the site for a new cemetery and the burial of 26 Union soldiers in Mrs. Lee's prized rose garden was ordered.

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WWI, Eastern Front, German military cemetery. ©IWM

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Crosses as far as the eye can see, American Military Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France by caspermoller, via Flickr

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The Only Jewish Civil War Cemetery - Richmond, Va is know for a lot of things, but one thing that it is not very well known for is having the only Confederate burial ground in the world. It is commonly called the only Jewish military burial grounds in the world outside of Israel, but, according to Jewish there in another Jewish military cemetery in Weißensee, Germany, for Jewish soldiers of the Kaiser's Army who fell in World War I.1 One out of two is still pretty good.

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"The eagle couldn't have picked a better person." Photo of eagle sitting on Minneapolis' Fort Snelling National Cemetery gravestone of Sgt. Maurice Ruch touches hearts, goes viral. *Click to read the whole, touching story...

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