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“Open When” Envelope Ideas…

What I sent my love during Marine Corps bootcamp. He said it got passed around and all his buddies took one :) Marine military love letters milso ideas DIY usmc marine girlfriend fiancé wife army navy Air Force marines soldier


Love letter wedding gift. What a perfect gift from the hubby.


5 Creative Letters to Write to Your Loved One in Boot Camp | The Military Wife Life

This is me every week the past two months... totally what I'm doing. Hits me hard.


this is me currently, while waiting on letters from my friend!

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The Art of the Military Love Letter

The Art of the Military Love Letter | Miltary Spouse Central

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Writing Letters to Deployed Soldiers: What Not to Write

what not to write

Throughout its history, America glorified wars in the name of peace. From inception, they' perpetuated against one or more domestic or foreign adversaries. They include mass killing, assaults and abuse. Pacifism's called sissy or unpatriotic. Propaganda insists America's peace-loving. In fact, more than ever today, it's addicted to permanent war and violence.

No matter how tough the week, this is the one day you know you'll be all smiles