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Old Fashioned Hot Milk Cake: lovely, plain and simple. Made this with a simple custard of seeds from 1″ piece vanilla bean,2 c. heavy cream heated to almost boiling point, then whisked in 2 egg yolks and 1/4 c. sugar. Kids came into the kitchen and left us a bunch of crumbs. (Recipe Reviews)

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Soft and Moist Tres Leches Cake

Soft and Moist Tres Leches Cake Made this in my brownie pan. Used one can each of sw cond milk and evap milk. Had some of the milk mixture left over. Was a really good cake. Also, the only sw cond milk I had on hand was a caramel flavored one.

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Hot Milk Cake

Old Fashioned Hot Milk Cake is a light and fluffy vanilla cake. This Depression-Era treat is made from simple ingredients and perfectly sweet, even when served plain.

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Milky Girl Cake

Quick and easy, with tender sweetened condensed milk cake layers, frosted with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting - and all made in under 1 hour! | By Let the Baking Begin!

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Hot Milk Cake

Hot Milk Cake...This simple, old-fashioned cake tastes so good it will surprise you! As I remember my mom's delicious meals, this dessert was always the perfect ending. Mom always used "a dash of this and dab of that" to come up with what we thought was "the best"! — Rosemary Pryor, Pasadena, Maryland

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Condensed Milk Cake

This Condensed Milk Cake made me fall in love with condensed milk even more. It is unbelievably moist and dense. Sweet enough to satisfy your cravings and the texture is to die for - that is, if you baked it just right! More


3 MILK CAKE: 1 box yellow cake mix; 12oz evaporated milk; 14oz sweet condensed milk; 1/3c canola oil; 3lg eggs; 1/4C whole milk; 8oz Cool Whip; vanilla extract; cinnamon. Oven 350 deg. Spray 9x13 dish cooking spray. Mix cake mix, 8OZ evap milk, oil, eggs low speed 30 sec then medium 2 min. Pour in pan, bake 30 minutes or toothpick in center is clean. Cool. Poke holes in the cake. Mix 4oz evap milk, sweet cond milk, whole milk, vanilla. Whisk til smooth; Pour in cake holes. Refridg 1 hour.