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I love my new milk crate seats! They were super easy to make and look great! See what I did with step-by-step directions with photos.


Crate bench with storage bins for students' journals... Super simple to make and not very costly. Supplies: milk crates (got them for free from Kroger), zip ties, plywood board, foam, fabric and matching storage drawers (from Lowes)

How to Make a No-Sew Milk Crate Seat

Not sewing inclined, but filled with Pinterest project envy? Don't worry! Really Good Teacher Wendy Cushing shares how to make a no-sew milk crate seat!

Classroom DIY: Crate Seats

Crate stools: the perfect combination of extra seating and much needed storage. This easy DIY project will brighten up your classroom décor and aid your classroom organization.

The Making of a Milk Crate Seat