Sweetened Condensed Milk Ice Cream - this the recipe my family used to make homemade I've cream when I was growing up. Yum. !

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This amazing yet SIMPLE coconut milk vanilla ice cream is so good! It's lovely for enjoying by itself, with fresh fruit, pies, cobblers, and more. Plus, it's completely dairy free, and egg free! That makes it vegan AND paleo friendly. --- The Nourishing Gourmet

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Coffee Coconut Ice Cream! - 4 ingredients - strong coffee, coconut milk, vanilla and sugar. (I don't find coconut milk imparts a very strong flavor so I would bet this will be more of a coffee ice cream with subtle flavors. My 3 year old loves the taste of decaf coffee soooo...)

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Quick, easy, and exceptionally creamy recipes for vanilla and chocolate homemade raw milk ice cream bases. Giving recipes for both vanilla and chocolate makes it possible for you to adapt them to many, many different flavors. Customize them with your own delicious add-ins, if you like!

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This cinnamon ice cream is the taste of the holidays in a rich, creamy, coconut milk ice cream. Dreamy! Vegan, clean eating, gluten free and made without refined sugar.

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Vanilla Ice Cream: made with coconut milk, dairy; soy and gluten free. Could use this as a base for other flavors like Green Tea. Just add in 1-2 TBS of matcha powder (make a little slurry with water before addding). Can also add in 1-2 TBS arrowroot powder to keep it from getting rock hard.

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