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Hey gang. I got up at 4am this morning and pointed the car south. I reckon there was more traffic on the road that time of the day than school run but I digress. I drove as far south as Bermagui and then slowly worked my way back north flying the drone at some choice locations. This is one of those spots. Now you might well have seen photographs of Horsehead Rock near Bermagui. I know I've seen plenty including some awesome night time ones with the Milky Way behind it. But I always thought…

Out in the middle of nowhere. by Lurkerlife sky car november 16-35mm subaru milky way gravel dirt road indiana evansville subaru forester canon

Milky way over Tadoussac Canada. want to see more amazing #nature/ #landscape photos follow @cutephonecases

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Banana Meringue Pudding

Teddy Bear Race Cars 1 packet of mini Mars Bars or Milky Way bars 1 family packet of m&ms 1 box of Tiny Teddy cookies

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Car seat covers; front and rear covers: Galaxy print, english printed fabric of the milky way with 4 x head rest covers. SPACE 1999

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Mars Bar Cars

VERY CUTE PARTY IDEA!!! Mars Bar Cars I made these for the kids and they loved them. No Mars Bars try Snickers or Milky Way Minis. Thanks Misty for the suggestion !!! Please note there is no recipe for this picture: It is a collection of food that is already made: Teddy cookies, M's or skittles, chocolate frosting and min chocolate candy. Use the frosting for attaching the items together.


The slanting winter Milky Way touches many of the familiar, bright constellations of the December sky. This map shows the sky facing southeast around 11 o'clock local time in early December or 9 p.m. in late December. Source: Stellarium