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Milky Way Versus Andromeda As Seen from Earth. From HubbleCast. Scientists have been using Hubble observations to predict the future of the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way, and how the collision will look from Earth. Projecting the motion of Andromeda's stars over the next 8 billion years, the astronomers now know the path that galaxy is taking through space.

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Earth horizon. Moon rising in front of the milky way. Beautiful picture of outer space #outer #space

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23 Pictures That Will Make You Realise How Insignificant You Are

23 Pictures That Will Make You Realise How Insignificant You Are - from earth this is all you ever see at night when you look up in the sky:

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You can see the Milky Way Galaxy from Earth with the naked eye - Milky Way Galaxy facts

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NGC 3576 Region of glowing gas in the Milky Way, NGC 3576 is located about 9,000 light years from Earth. Such nebulas present a tableau of the drama of the evolution of massive stars, from the formation in vast dark clouds, their relatively brief lives, and the eventual destruction in supernova explosions. The diffuse X-ray data detected by Chandra (blue) are likely due to winds from young, massive stars that are blowing throughout the nebula. Optical data from ESO are shown in orange…

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The Milky Way galaxy as drifts beyond Mt. Hood, as seen from the beautiful Lost Lake in Oregon

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Super Nova Cassiopiea A Cassiopeia A is a supernova remnant in the constellation Cassiopeia and the brightest extrasolar radio source in the sky at frequencies above 1 GHz.

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Where is Earth in the Milky Way? The Solar System (and Earth) is located about 25,000 light-years to the galactic center and 25,000 light-years away from the rim.

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