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Millions Of Dollars

from CBS News

Here's your chance to buy Donald Trump's childhood home

Now up for auction, it won’t cost you hundreds of millions of dollars -- he started life in comfy, but humbler, abode

Millions Of Dollars Refunded, Rockstar's Mysterious Next Move & MORE GTA Online Discounts! (GTA 5)

from Upworthy

Why you're way more familiar with William Shakespeare's work than you think.

Christie's is auctioning off Shakespeare's first folios for millions of dollars, but you don't have to spend a dime to appreciate his contributions.

from Reuters

Corporate lobbying expense jumps as U.S. trade debate rages

“Free Trade” Myths That Enable Ominous Government Encroachments - Instigator News

Gold coin of the Parisii. Celtic (ca. 2nd century B.C.), found in Paris. This coin has a Hellenistic motif, as the Celts were likely to have started using coins after the example of Hellenistic kings who used Celts as mercenaries in their armies. The design, however, is very Celtic.

from VICE

The Story Behind the Gang That Stole Millions of Dollars Worth of Rhino Horn

A detailed look at the crimes of the Rathkeale Rovers, the gang that was sentenced today for stealing $80 million worth of rhino horns and Chinese artifacts.

Planned Parenthood lobbied the Department of State many times during Hillary Clinton’s tenure there and received tens of millions of dollars from foreign policy agencies over the past few years, a