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I'm reposting this because the first bit isn't completely true , as getting into shape isn't as easy as it sounds, but I feel as many overlook the second part. It is so important to have a strong mindset , especially if you take a sport seriously such as me and cross country. I wouldn't be able to finish if I wasn't determined and my brain is constantly telling my legs to stop, when i can still go further. Don't be a prisoner to your brain and believe in yourself.


Weight-Neutral Mindful Eating TIP: Shift Your Thinking: from Weight, to Self-Care | Restrictive thinking e.g. "I need to lose weight" draws you further away from the goals of mindful eating and reinforces rules over learning to read your body's cues. Instead, ask, "How can I pay more attention to what my body needs?" Enjoy More, Stress Less with Mindful Eating~ by


Turning Meals into Meditation -- Follow this ten-step plan for mindful eating when you are feeling stressed about food or unable to cope with cravings.

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21 Simple Health Hacks You Can Use Every Day

Get in touch with your appetite by eating ​˜mindfully˜​. This means eating your meals without any distractions