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▶ The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert lyrics - YouTube When I was 6, I moved away from the big blue house I was raised in. I remember the wallpaper in my room, small, fluffy little bluebirds perched on the branch of an oak. The backyard holds many of my favorite childhood memories. I miss that house so much, it definitely built much of who I am. This song reminds me of that big blue house every time I hear it.


Ever since the beginning to keep the world spinning It takes all kinds of kinds♥ miranda lambert "all kinds of kinds" lyrics

‘Over You’ is Shelton’s story through Lambert’s voice. His brother Richie was killed in a car accident when Blake was just 14-years-old. One night, the married couple started talking about him, and Shelton opened up. A short time later, this beautiful lyric emerged from a heap of used tissues. -*Anyone that knows me, knows why this song hits deep for me. I love you Danny Lee. Always. <3*


Miranda Lambert- Gunpowder And Lead (With lyrics) Cried the 1st time I heard this song. Like someone had been watching my life. Exactly how I felt & what I wanted to do.

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