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Beautiful tattoo to represent a miscarriage.... "Some say you are to painful to remember, I say you are to precious to forget"


18 miscarriage tattoos that help parents remember their angel babies

A simple heartbeat motif is always a nice idea: "You're still a part of everything I do. You're on my heart just like a tattoo. I'll always have you"


25 Meaningful — and Stunning — Miscarriage Tattoo Ideas in Honor of Your Unborn Baby

The memory of suffering from a miscarriage is one that can last forever, and many parents opt to honor their unborn child in an equally permanent way. Deciding to get an ink memorial is a stunning way to pay tribute to the little one you lost with a

Matching tattoos my husband and I got to remember our baby lost to miscarriage at 11 weeks.


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My miscarriage tattoo. Brian Level at Illuminaut Tattoo in KY. A mom and dad bird with our daughter bird next to us. The baby we lost flying away.