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Pretty addicted to the show Misfits, and now to this kid. Iwan Rheon (Simon Bellamy). New found actor crush!

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Misfits // Abbey - Natasha O'Keeffe // Rudy - Joe Gilgun // Finn - Nathan McMullen // Jess - Karla Crome // Alex - Matt Stokoe

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The gang go to a wild house party where they are stalked by a mysterious killer rabbit. While tracking it down, Rudy meets the enigmatic Nadine and finds himself head over heels for the first time in his life. By the time the night has drawn to a close, Alex has finally revealed to Jess the secret he has been trying to hide – but will their relationship survive his shock revelation?


I forget who died in the first season. Think the blonde dude. Forget how

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Misfits -- loved the first couple seasons.

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Seasons 1&2 are awesome.. season 3 was OK season 4 sucked...may/2013 - Misfits

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"Killer White Rabbit" from the UK TV series "Misfits", Season 4 - Episode 6 | Director: Jonathan Van Tulleken, 2012

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misfits season 4 -I love Rudy!

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cant get enough misfits

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Nathan will always be my favorite of the #Misfits

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Misfits Season -

Skins UK generations. total guilty pleasure this show--and entertaining too see where their careers have gone. game of thrones etc

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hahahahha another one of my favorite parts!

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Nathan Young, The Misfits. Best show ever! (that is... seasons 1-3). #misfits #nathan #quotes

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Nathan (Robert Sheehan) and Kelly (Lauren Socha) from Misfits

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Misfits - this is literally the best show I've ever seen. It's literally my life…

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The best movies and TV shows to stream this weekend Read more Technology News Here --> Theres a lot of content available across Australias streaming services with new TV shows and movies being added to Netflix and Stan regularly. Because of this settling on something to watch each weekend can be somewhat daunting. And with the recent arrival of Amazon Prime Video to Australia we can add a even more weekend streaming options to our list! To make your…

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Personality Of Generation 2

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misfits - this picture has been saturated because the whole show is quite gray

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Sci-Fi Megahit ‘Misfits’ Makes US Television Debut on Logo

Sci-Fi Megahit 'Misfits'

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17 Reasons You Should Watch "Misfits" As Told By Nathan GIFs

…but an even bigger dose of superpower-fueled action. | 17 Reasons You Should Watch "Misfits" As Told By Nathan GIFs

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The Disturbing True Story of American Horror Story's New Villain Edward Mordrake

The Disturbing True Story of American Horror Story's New Character Edward Mordrake

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Misfits ... but what about Rudy???

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psycoactive: Misfits! i love them together

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