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This product is part four of a novel study, which is close reading packet, for Matilda, by Roald Dahl. I have broken the novel up into five parts. These questions are specifically for the following chapters: Miss Honeys Story, The Names, The Practice, The Third Miracle, and Miss Honeys Cottage.

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That's because for at least a small part of her childhood she was happy and had good parenting, Snape probably never received any care until Lily which is why he loved her


Miss Honey's Cottage and More Houses in the Movie Matilda

Matilda Movie Set Miss Honey’s cottage. Matilda’s teacher is the first adult who recognizes that she’s special. She tells Matilda that she had a difficult childhood, too, but she’s happy now. After she grew up and left home (and her evil step-aunt), she got her own little house with its own little garden. Who wouldn’t be happy here?