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I adore "She Got Her Own" with Jamie Foxx, but Ne-Yo did his thing on "Miss Independent," too. I can rock out to both of these songs. Love the beat. Love the theme even more!


Observation 1: Cognitive "Christopher Robin, for his age, is especially autonomous. He roams around a forest with his animal friends for goodness sakes. He also is rarely seen with his mother around helping him. This displays a very individualistic orientation. This pin is a music video for Neyo's "Miss Independent", relating to how independent Christopher Robin is.

Ne-Yo - Miss Independent In the song lyrics and music video ne-yo glorifies the woman as a hard worker and the boss. She is more than independent from a man, she works for everything she has making her not only respectable but also admirable. In the end, she's not opposed to a "relationship". A woman doesn't have to be single to be independent. She just has to be a hard worker.

from Mail Online

Charlotte Tilbury, has told how she vowed to herself as a child always to be financially independent after her parents got 'cut off' from their inheritance. The make-up artist from London has own range

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