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Christians Humor. . .I'm not sure if I should really laugh at this, because in so many places, it's a reality.

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Not the language they taught me in the MTC!I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! <3 I need to watch it again.

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haha! you wont get this unless you've seen the movie ;so I think it's called princess bride... it's an old movie...

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Kicks & Giggles

Kronk would make a good missionary! :) /// Bahahaha. xD But he really would! ;D

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did anyone else hear it in his exact voice and tone? Cause i soooo did!

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Come on just read it once! You'll want to read it more and more! Come out the door! This book is really true! <<<< haha love it!

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Mormon humor

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The Top 25 Mormon Memes on the Web

Love this so much! Especially because for girls camp our superhero is elasta girl.

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