My job in your relationship is to give him a break from reality, yes you and the kids are real but so are the bills and school fees and work stress. I’m where he de-stresses. I know my place trust me I do, I know to keep quiet when you call while we together.

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It's funny how the process of letting go works. The stages are real and it's a roller coaster of pain. Who wants to believe this person who seemed so amazing was actually just a liar and a manipulator. Bad enough the deception that this person was married too. I wasn't the only mistress, there were many.I hated her when I found out, or thought I did. Now, I feel compassion because she's still dealing with the emotional pain I dealt with for 3 years. And she probably has no idea the true…

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Steve Harvey #quote truth... You can't give away everything without some commitment..then he has nothing to work for. Make him invest in you!

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Karma bitch. Very aware and knowing the truth straight out of my mouth u chose to be a mistress. I thank u! Your karma will get paid here on earth or in hell!

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Nope... not at all. Move over all of you nobody's. I'm leaving my destructive path behind me just like a tornado

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Maybe we never were, but I did love every second I spent with you because it meant the world to me

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