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Mitch Mitchell. Mitchell was the world’s first hard-rocking drummer with jazzy chops, and perhaps the most influential of the ’60s. His work with Jimi Hendrix threw every rock and roll drummer for a loop. Anchored by bassist Noel Redding’s steady hand, Mitchell successfully blended the improvisational freedom of jazz drumming with the speed, power and flash of rock. In the process, he developed a unique chemistry with Hendrix’s unprecedented guitar playing that has never been equaled.

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Mitch Mitchell drummer of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. #cSw:) - - I elected this photo not must for the #HISTORY pin of a famous band: It amused me to compare this SIMPLE drum kit to those we see on concert stages these days. We should give MUCH more respect to the skills shown on just a few drumset pieces during performances! Nice black and white #vintage #drumkit photo pinned via tlsdrums13's #DRUMS & #DRUMMERS #Pinterest board.

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The Dirty Mac: Eric Clapton -lead guitar, John Lennon -vocals, rythym guitar, Keith Richards -bass, Mitch Mitchell -drums, 1968.

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One time supergroup: The Dirty Mac feat. John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Mitch Mitchell

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Jimi Hendrix Mitch Mitchell acoustic jam. That is Jimi's voice and it sounds like him on the guitar. It sounds good. The video could be better if it's actually them. Who knows?

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