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BREAKING: Videotaping of Secret Romney Tapes May Have Violated Florida Law! CLICK to read & 'REPIN'!

Mitt Romney's wife Ann serves Welsh cakes

Romney's Wife's Health | Mitt Romney's wife Ann serves Welsh cakes

New Lines Emerge From Romney Bus Tour

Mitt Romney's Wife Horse | getty images mitt romney and his wife ann romney walk on the beach ...

Previewing Tuesday’s Primaries: Iowa, Mississippi, California

Mitt Romney's Wife Has MS | Mitt Romney greets supporters before speaking at a rally for Iowa ...

In Iowa, Romney edges out Santorum

Mitt Romney's Sons and Wife | jan 3 2012 candidate mitt romney and his wife ann

Mitt Romney's Wife | hairstyles Mitt Romney, with his wife Ann Mitt Romney supporters dish ...

Democratic operative Hilary Rosen has accused GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's wife Ann of

heart 1

Mitt Romney Wife Photo Gallery | Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney talks to Rep. Ron Paul (Tex ...

Romney to announce Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate, GOP source says

mitt romney's bus tour manassas va | ... candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, arrive Friday in Norfolk, Va