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Mixolydian mode: 3 note per string patterns | Discover Guitar Online, Learn to Play Guitar

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More Mixolydian Mode stuff.

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Mixolydian mode: 5 patterns

Mixolydian mode - Good to know!

Guitar Essentials: How to Harness the Powerfully Versatile Mixolydian Mode | TAB + AUDIO

Mixolydian Mode--may refer to one of three things: the name applied to one of the ancient Greek harmoniai or tonoi, based on a particular octave species or scale; one of the medieval church modes; a modern musical mode or diatonic scale, related to the medieval mode. (The Hypomixolydian mode of medieval music, by contrast, has no modern counterpart.)

HARMONIC DEVICES - the MIXOLYDIAN mode - modes are often found in folk music, pop music and jazz.