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Nintendo Switch will arrive in March 2017. It can easily cater to both hand-held and console gamers.

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Yeah, pretty much. Thankfully more and more game developers are seeing the value in appearance customization.

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Average user

Yep. I watch anime, read manga, play MMORPG games, play Minecraft, pin on Pinterest, and do school work (I do other stuff, but yeah).

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The last guardian - TRICO 2 by on @DeviantArt

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Art by SYN@Alola ☀️ ‏(@kuponutt)

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Xbox One - Video Game Art - Gamer Art Poster

Xbox One Quote Video Game Art Poster Print by ExtremepandaDesign

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Screw your "master race" talk. We are all gamers.

Screw your "master race" talk. We are all gamers.<<When exactly did nerd-types decide to start bullying other nerd-types for not being the exact same category/level of nerd they are? Seems detrimental to the cause.

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