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Watercolor poppy tattoo
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wasbella102: Mods, 1960s Good morning :) TY to those who have wished me a Happy Birthday!! I am having a great morning and have had some lovely pressies. Wishing you all a great day, TY to new followers xx Joanne
#Hulk #Fan #Art. (MUA MODS - HULK CLASSIC VU MH SKIN) By: Caiquequick21. ÅWESOMENESS!!!™ ÅÅÅ+
#tattoo love the the idea of having and antique frame like this except w something else in the center!!
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Once the domain of amateurs, gutter punks, and, um, prisoners, stick and poke tattoos—created using nothing but a handheld needle and ink—are now...
simple line drawing of Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam I did for my friend Tavia
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